This free plagiarism detector is designed to ensure texts or papers you write have no matches with numerous online sources out there on the Internet. By regularly checking your texts for plagiarism with our free plagiarism detector, you avoid copyright infringement and authorship issues, penalties, and other possible negative plagiarism consequences.

You can also use the free plagiarism detector to learn whether someone stole your text or not. The more you check texts with the free plagiarism detector, the more opportunities you get to catch a content scraper. So, whenever you finish to work on another piece of writing, check it with the detector to stay on the safe side.

Generally, the detector is a good fit for all those creating content, articles, scientific works, etc. To find out what way this free tool can help teachers, students, bloggers or SEO specialists, please click the corresponding link.


This is How Your Plagiarism Detection Tool Finds Text Matches

To scan a text with our plagiarism detection tool, you just need to copy and paste it into the check box. Right after you click the Check for Plagiarism button, our algorithm starts searching for text similarities online.

Once checking is completed, you receive a list with links to the sources that contain text similarities. Check each link in the list, to make sure the source needs citing and don’t forget to scan your text with the plagiarism detection tool again, right after all the corrections are made.

If you require more plagiarism detection tool options to be available, let us know by addressing your request via our contact form.

What Is Our Service All About?

This is a plagiarism detection service designed to let you scan texts for similarities absolutely for free. Upon completion of a check, the service shows highlighted duplicated text areas and provides a list of links to the sources that may have been copied. To start using the tool no registration is required, which simplifies your work with it. To find out more about our future upgrade plans, click here.

How the Plagiarism Detection Website Works?

As it was stated above, you can check a text, paper or article without registration. Similarity detection against many online sources is performed thanks to the Yahoo web index the Plagiarism-Detection tool uses.

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Why Has Online Plagiarism Detector Become So Widely Used?

Plagiarism detector software is something that everybody dealing with content creation has heard of, let alone students and educators who know the real value of such tools, which have already become for them an integral part of educational process. Numerous plagiarism and copyright infringement issues being so frequently discussed now make more and more people inclined to take protection measures and safeguard their intellectual property like web content, blog posts, student papers or teacher theses, etc. against theft.

Content uniqueness is a very fragile thing which is often endangered because of numerous content scrapers willing to make no efforts to achieve their goals in the shortest period of time possible.

That’s why similarity detection has now turned into a usual routine for all those willing to prevent themselves from copying ideas or words of others and also make sure whether their copyright isn’t violated.

With so many free and paid plagiarism detectors available out there on the web, the only thing left is to make the right choice and find the similarity detection software which would perform accurate checks for plagiarism and have a set of options suitable to one’s needs.

Still, one of the most frequently chosen options is a plagiarism detector online performing real-time checks across countless web sources including the ones which were indexed just a few minutes ago. Why? Simply because many of us tend to refer to the Internet in 90 percent of cases. This is the main reason why we decided to develop this online free plagiarism detector and keep on supporting it by adding new features on a regular basis.