About Us

The Plagiarism Detection website checks texts you paste into the check box against online sources indexed by Yahoo. This self plagiarism detection tool doesn’t require download or installation.

The plagiarism detection program is simple and easy-to-use and delivers plagiarism check results in a comprehensive way by providing clickable links to the sources that may have been plagiarized. After each check, the program highlights duplication for you not to spend much time to find out what exactly should be given credit.

Additionally, the online plagiarism detection tool shows percentage of similarities. The moment you introduce necessary corrections into the text, scan it for similarities again to see how this plagiarism percentage changed. Besides, you can edit the text right in the check box, which makes the checker even more user-friendly.

The plagiarism checking tool online is accessible without prior registration and for now has no restrictions on how many checks you can run with the tool per day.

The Plagiarism Detection Soft Compatibility

This free plagiarism checker for mac is also compatible with other operating systems including Windows7, Windows 8, and Android. Furthermore, it can perform checks for plagiarism no matter what browser you use.

In the future we plan to make its design adaptive to the most commonly used mobile devices. This way, you will be able to access the plagiarism detection software program any time you need and keep your texts, papers, or articles completely unique in a matter of minutes.

What do We Plan to Do Next?

We are going to keep on improving our plagiarism detection software report by making it downloadable and easily sharable via email. Also, our team will enhance the accuracy of scans performed and make the report design more comprehensive.

Do you have any ideas on how to make the service better? Don’t hesitate to contact us (можно линк на страничку с контактами отсюда сделать) via email, we would be glad to hear from you.