Plagiarism Detector for Teachers: Key Advantages

This free plagiarism checker for teachers is a good alternative to paid checkers allowing to scan students’ and their own scientific writings for originality across the Internet.

Since you as an educator don’t need to register to start running a check, you save time for tackling other tasks.

Here are a few more benefits you get when using this plagiarism detector:

  • This free tool doesn’t need any setup or downloading. So, you can make use of it whenever you need, the only thing required is a good internet connection.
  • No complex manuals or trainings are needed to understand how the checker works. Just copy and paste a text into the check box and press the Check for Plagiarism button to receive a report.
  • All unoriginal text areas are highlighted, so you can quickly spot similarities and see how much of the checked paper was written by student.
  • After each check you get a plagiarism report containing links to original online sources, which are most likely to be duplicated.