Learn How to Check Texts with Plagiarism-Detection.com

To check your text, blog post, scientific work or web page content for plagiarism, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Copy and paste a text into the search box
  • Click the Check for Plagiarism button
  • Get your text compared with millions of online sources
  • Introduce necessary changes to make the text original
  • Scan it repeatedly to make sure it no longer needs more editing

Make Use of Plagiarism Report Received

Right after a text is scanned, you will have all unoriginal text areas highlighted as well as hyperlinks to online sources that contain text matches.

To get rid of text similarities, check each duplicated source link and restate your sentences in a different way. Remember to give credit to the author even if you have used only his or her idea. If it is an academic paper, list each source in the Works Cited section too to avoid possible plagiarism accusations and penalties.

When all necessary changes in the text are made, you had better scan it again to double check whether no more editing is needed.

Plagiarism Report Upgrades to Be Made

For now, you cannot share report or download it, though we are going to make these two options available for you soon. On top of this, the free checker will also show the number of words scanned and allow to upload files for checking.